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Distressed / Event Driven

The Greywolf Distressed Fund looks to exploit investment opportunities in discounted securities of distressed issuers across a range of public and private asset classes. The investment team uses its extensive market experience and access to source investment ideas internally and construct portfolios substantially differentiated from those of other distressed investors. Greywolf’s disciplined approach to fundamental due diligence uncovers attractively priced distressed opportunities with positive asymmetric risk profiles. Greywolf is an active investor, regularly participating in bankruptcy processes and directing restructuring strategies at the board level.

The Greywolf Event Driven strategy has approximately $300 million in assets allocated across approximately 10 to 20 of our best ideas. We believe our event-driven approach has low overlap with other funds and little to no correlation to the broad based markets. We seek to generate returns through well-researched catalyst-driven ideas, and when necessary we will hedge unwanted/uncompensated industry or market specific risks.

CLO Credit / Structured Products

Greywolf manages several CLO vehicles that invest primarily in portfolios of leveraged loans and high-yield bonds. Greywolf also manages a Corporate CLO focused strategy that invests in third party CLO debt and equity, along with numerous client specific CLO focused vehicles. By integrating our research analysts on the Event Driven team into the CLO process, we believe we are able to gain a competitive advantage in identifying CLO debt and equity positions with superior credit quality. We are dedicated to customizing the appropriate solution for our investors through separate accounts or a fund of one.

Hard Assets

Greywolf’s hard asset strategies were established to exploit non-correlated, niche investment opportunities resulting from financial stress in the markets for hard assets. These strategies are an outgrowth of the firm’s distressed investing experience where over the years we have regularly surfaced opportunities to directly acquire real assets on highly favorable terms. Today, our hard asset strategy is focused on niche opportunities to invest in cash flowing real assets.